Anker SoundCore Life Q35 Review

Anker SoundCore Life Q35 Review

As we have reviewed the Soundcore Life Q20’s and the Soundcore Life Q30’s earlier. Now we’re going to take a look at the Anker Soundcore Life Q35 Soundcore’s latest pair of headphones in their Wireless Noise cancelling headphone lineup.

Anker SoundCore Life Q35 Review
Anker SoundCore Life Q35 Review

Design of Anker Soundcore Life Q35

Their new blue matte finish on here looks incredible.

We do get the 3.5mm cable a bunch of paperwork, USB type-c to charge and a good old airplane adapter that you can use it if you fly hope we all fly soon.

And we also get a really nice carrying case the soundcore branding on the front and this is a felt or some kind of soft nice material a very nice case.

When you open it up does have a picture in there of how to fold them up and these headphones do swivel. They do fold so very compact and it is honestly a beautiful case.

If we take a look at the actual Soundcore Life Q35s again the navy matte finish. The branding here on the front and they do look very similar to the Soundcore Q30s.

We do have some cushion up top and these do feel very well built they don’t feel cheap they feel like a premium pair of headphones.

Fit wise I like headphones that are more narrow right so that is the one gripe I have with these is kind of headphone.

But overall comfort the ear cups very comfortable they fit and completely cover my ears they’re not sitting on top of my ears so very comfortable set of wireless headphones.

this hinge up top very sleek it is a little different right very smooth you can hear the clicks but it is very smooth and overall I like how it looks.

I think it is a very discreet hinge and I like it. you can see active noise cancelling on each side of these headphones and then you have the protein memory foam on the ear cups. The R and the L on the inside.

And then you do have your buttons down. USB Type-c to charge you do have the power button, a dedicated noise canceling button and these do have a hybrid Active Noise Cancellation.
These do have dual mics as well as you get a 3.5mm port.

Features of Anker Soundcore Life Q35

Now the rest of the specs on the life Q35’s. These do support LDAC so if your phone does support that you know it is giving us the best of the best here. These do have on-ear detection and full app support inside of soundcore’s app.

Soundcore Life Q35 have different mode for listening and Active Noise Caceling performance like ANC Hybrid, ANC transparency and multi-mode where you can pair these to do two devices at the same time impressive feature.

If you want to pair with two devices at the same time you really have to do is double click on the power button it will start to search it will start to pair you hit it and you are already connected.

Basically, when you are setting it up it doesn’t matter you can go to android to iPhone or android to android or iPhone to iPhone it does not matter double click that power button real quick it will start to pair it will start to search click on whatever device you want to use.

You can pair these using Bluetooth or NFC whatever you want you can do These do also have High Res Audio certification.

And You have got full button controls and button controls of course do control everything including the volume on these headphones.

Battery Quality of Anker Soundcore Life Q35

Anker Soundcore Life Q35 got 40 hours of play time. a five minute of quick charge will get you four hours of play time pretty impressive quick charge. So really good battery life on these ANC headphones.

App of Anker Soundcore Life Q35

Inside the Soundcore App you can set up the EQ the way you want and then you can save it and have it set and that could be your profile so very good you also have a sleep mode where you can go in and you can use a mix of your favorite ambient sounds to help.

Improve your sleep so overall lots of stuff to do inside of their app and if you hit on the settings tab you can update the firmware, quick start guide wearing detection this is if you are playing music you can take them off it will pause automatically and once you put them back on it will start to play again automatically you can turn that on and off inside of the app so the app on here overall fantastic.

Sound Quality of Anker Soundcore Life Q35

Talking about the sound quality out of the box these things sound really good and they have some good bass here and you know I like that but if you want to bring up some of the highs and the mids you can do that inside of the Soundcore App.

And one more thing you can do on these Noise cancelling headphones is it is basically like some of the other headphones that cost twice as much as these if you want to scroll through ANC or transparency mode you just put your hand over the ear cup, And hold it, it will scroll through ANC and transparency.

The sound quality on these wireless noise cancelling headphones, Overall volume wise they are very good very loud they are perfect in my opinion as far as how much volume we can get from these.

And if you want to go into the app and you can boost up that bass, boost up that the treble to get a little cleaner sound.

You can do that because when you’re listening to these straight out of the box there’s some really good bass.

And depending on what you are listening to every now and then that bass you know it might take away a little bit from the highs.

The mids are very clear, the highs, for the most part, depending on what genre of music you are listening to. The highs sound good.

This is out of the box before you go in and EQ it you know that bass might take away a little bit from the highs so in my opinion I would go in and I would boost for what I like.

I would boost up the highs a little bit to get a little cleaner sound but overall they sound really really good I really enjoy how these sound even straight out of the box.

These things they jam so you are going to like these and again out of the box you are going to feel that thumb you are going to feel that bass.

I also want it to be clean, I don’t want that bass to muddle up any of the sound and in the EQ you can adjust it so it doesn’t do that.

Active Noise Cancelling in Anker Soundcore Life Q35

Let us talk about transparency mode so again one way you can enter into transparency mode you put your hand over the ear cup it is a voice prompt she did just say normal.

If we put it again it goes to transparency mode and if you do it again it will go back to normal so very cool you can scroll between transparency mode and just normal mode.

For ANC you do have to hit the button or you do have to go into the app and turn ANC on. But there is a dedicated button on your headphones to do that now. I do really like.

In normal mode a good bit of noise isolation I do have a good seal over the ears and back to transparency mode the transparency mode on this on these headphones.

I do have to say it sounds really good there is not a lot of white noise that comes in and it sounds very natural and I think at this price point how natural it sounds it is probably the best transparency mode that I have heard on a pair of ANC headphones around this price point.

I think this is the most natural sounding transparency mode that I have heard on a pair of headphones and I’m saying that at this price point so keep that in mind.

Now the ANC on here is kind of the same thing as the Soundcore Q30 ANC is really good on these headphones. Inside of the app you do have multi-mode ANC where you can set it to indoor outdoor.

Mic Test of Anker Soundcore Life Q35

Wireless headphones usually struggle with good call quality at least the lower end priced headphones. And these do have these issues. But they have sort the problem to a point where this headphone is usable for a normal conversation.

Latency of Anker Soundcore Life Q35

I really have not noticed any delay between audio and video even playing call of duty every now and then I would notice a slight delay but it is rare.

I think now these are not meant for gaming keep that in mind but you can game in them you might notice a little delay between audio and video.

Overall, the connection seems to be really good when even playing some of the more intensive games out there like call of duty but you know they are not gaming headphones.

So you still might experience a little bit of delay when gaming but overall they’re pretty good.
It will just pair automatically and it does work very well.


For $130 what we get with the ANC the transparency mode all of the options plus you get LDAC as well. Soundocre Q35 got Fantastic battery life on here.

You can connect to multiple devices at the same time soundcores signature app all really good things.

Overall look and the color the finish on these you can’t get better in my opinion this is what I prefer I want a matte finish on most of my products and if I can get a matte blue or matte black like this navy color.

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