Earfun Free Mini Review in 2023

Earfun Free Mini Review

Today I will review “Earfun Free Mini”. As we have been with Earfun since the beginning and we have checked out all of their earbuds before and we have seen them grow into making really great sounding products.

We are taking a look at their latest budget earbuds and although its budget is in its price range, these earbuds are not budget in terms of its performance.

Earfun Free Mini Review
Earfun Free Mini Review in 2023

Design of Earfun Free Mini

Earfun Free Mini, the free mini retails for $39.90 but Earfun is giving a super discount for those that buy the free mini at launch and the price will be at $19.90.

For a sub $20 earbuds these are honestly pretty awesome.

These earbuds to some extent kind of reminds me of the Taotronic Sound Liberty 97 as well as the Edifier X3. The Free Mini is a really nicely built earbuds and everything from the case and the earbuds are made of very high quality materials.

The material here used is a nice smooth plastic it looks rubbery but they are not rubbery in nature.

I think these are pretty high quality plastic and will hold up scratches very nicely but because of the matte finish you are going to get oil stain on it quite quickly.

These earbuds are nice and simple no messy design on the case only a nice black case with a super stealthy Earfun logo at the top.

If you have been with me for a long time you know how I like stealthy designs stuff that blends in really nicely with the case and the Earfun is just that.

There is also a Type-C charging port at the back of the case for you to charge up the earbuds and at the front you’re going to get a LED indicator that the earbuds is charging.

LED here also tells you the battery percentage of the case so white means you have more than 10%. If it is Red it is got less than 10% so pretty straightforward there.

LED is also integrated into the indentation of the lid here so it gives it a nice integrated look where every design aspect seems to be well thought out.

The lid opens up nice and smoothly here but doesn’t have a mechanism to hold it up so if you tilt it around it will slam shut.

Inside you are going to see the earbuds sticking out quite nicely and definitely this resembles the Edifier X3 so you have to take note here if you have dry fingers this is going to be the hardest earbuds to remove from the case.

But if you have slightly grippy fingers then they are pretty okay. These earbuds are also very simple where the design of the earbuds comes with a built-in wing tip.

Wing tip is not interchangeable so it does sit nicely inside your ears the touch sensor surface here you are going to get a stealthy earfun logo as well and again an LED indicator that goes away when it is connected to your phone. Behind that is pretty standard ear tips and there’s no in-ear sensor on this earbuds.

Features of Earfun Free Mini

Specification wise these earbuds doesn’t flaunt any state-of-the-art chipset but comes with a modest Pixart PAU 1603 Bluetooth 5.0 chipset with AAC and SBC support.

Earfun Free Mini Review
Earfun Free Mini Review

These earbuds come with an impressive IPX7 water resistant rating where Earfun calls it sweat shield technology but I think these earbuds are more than capable for just sweat protection just one number shy of the maximum ipx8 rating.

These earbuds can definitely be submerged in water for a short period of time but of course that is not recommended.

These earbuds also comes with seamless left and right playback so you can use either side of the earbuds at any time and it will work seamlessly. Finally there is also no multi-point connectivity on these earbuds.

Battery Quality of Earfun Free Mini Battery

In terms of the battery life of the free mini is also not too bad but nothing too impressive by today’s standard as well.

Coming at 5 hours per charge and 19 additional hours with the case giving you about 24 hours of playback time.

These earbuds however come with super impressive quick charge so 10 minutes of charging gives you about two hours of juice and charging the earbuds takes about one and a half hours and a case takes about two and a half hours to fully charge.

Controls in Earfun Free Mini Controls

With the Free Mini you are going to get a full set of controls here and even volume control.
This is something that modern Earfun earbuds are known for as well.

To control the volume simply tap once on the right earbuds and the volume will slowly go up.
Tap once on the left earbuds and the volume will slowly decrease.

To play or pause media pick up phone calls tap twice on either side of the earbuds and it will play or pause media, double tap pause your media double tap and play again.

To skip tracks forward tap three times on the right earbuds and to skip track backwards tap three times on the left earbuds and you will skip your tracks backwards.

Lastly tap and hold your earbuds for about three seconds and it will pause the media and call your assistant. That is basically a very nice control execution here from Earfun.

Sound Quality of Earfun Free Mini

In terms of the sound signature here is pretty good and actually sounds very engaging.

I think the 6mm titanium driver definitely makes a small impact here but I will give it to the tuning of Earfun that makes this earbud sound good.

These earbuds are pretty loud but I definitely hear louder earbuds before. They do give you the best experience when using them at 60% to 70% volume giving you the thumb and excitement you expect from your music.

With good quality audio these earbuds definitely shine and so far I have been very impressed with Earfun sound quality across the range they have never been disappointing.

These earbuds actually rumbles in your ears when listening past the 70% volume and if you like bass these are definitely the earbuds for you.

But the beauty here is that these are not your typical v-shaped tuning because vocals here sound nice and forward not muffled not hollow and very well executed giving life to the artist and just adds a touch of realism with your music taste here is controlled nicely as well and is nice and bright really brings out the best out of your music.

But again these are your standard sounding earbuds not IEM level fantastic but for a standard Bluetooth TWS earbuds these are fantastic sounding.

With this earphone there is no dedicated gaming mode here and with that Bluetooth 5.0, it is not the best when it comes to games like PUBG.

In real time I notice about a one bullet lag meaning only when you fire your second bullet that you will hear your first bullet sound on the plus side if you’re not a gamer watching videos on these earbuds are pretty nice anyways.

Final Thoughts

Overall I think this is a fantastic package for its price and is well executed earbuds from Earfun.
Definitely get them when they are heavily discounted at $19.90 us dollars.

If you are searching for Active Noise Canceling Wireless Earbuds under $50 you should definitely check Soundpeats T2.

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