How To Keep Headphone Pads From Cracking in 2023? A Comprehensive Guide

How To Keep Headphone Pads From Cracking

Today I will discuss about very interesting topic and that is related towards “How to keep headphone pads from cracking?” Buying nice headphones and then finding your earpads cracked after some time can be a frustrating experience.

I use headphones all the time as a music lover. Once I bought a pair of headphones, but the leather began peeling off the pads after a few weeks.

How To Keep Headphone Pads From Cracking
How To Keep Headphone Pads From Cracking

It was uncomfortable and annoying to wear them. Hence, I am curious about how to prevent headphones from cracking.

I have uncovered some reasons and solutions to this problem of how to keep headphone pads from cracking after doing some research. Those solutions have proven to be useful for me.

You may be experiencing the same issue as me so read on to know how to prevent your earpads from cracking.

How to Keep headphone Pads from Cracking and Peeling?

Here are some tips and tricks for you how to keep headphone pads from cracking and peeling which are mentioned below:

Clean Headphones’ Pads

Skin moisture and sweat can lead to headphones pads peeling. Therefore, you should always wipe your ear pads after using them. Simply brush them against your t-shirt after using them.

In some cases, ear pads should also be washed.

Perhaps you are wondering right now, can I wash my headphone pads?

Yes, You can.

How To Keep Headphone Pads From Cracking
How To Keep Headphone Pads From Cracking

Wipe them with a soft washcloth every week. Be careful with soap and detergent water since they can cause damage to the leather.

Various headphones cleaners may also be available to you that make cleaning them easier.

Prevent Headphones from Excessive Heat

Earpads are made of soft leather. Fake leather is susceptible to damage in extreme environments.

To maintain your headphone leather, you have to take proper care at the beginning.

Avoid leaving them in extreme temperatures like the sun, heat, or humidity.

Besides, it is great to keep your headphones inside a box or drawer after using them.

Condition of Soft Leather

After a certain period of time, headphone pads leather tends to get harder. Hard leather cracks easier than softer leather.

You might be wondering, how do I soften headphone pads?

Using a leather conditioner will be a good idea. This will keep the leather soft and prevent headphone pads from peeling and cracking.

It can be just as bad as not conditioning them at all to condition them over and over. Too much conditioner can cause your earpads to rot.

Don’t overdo it. For better results, I recommend conditioning once or twice a year.

Usage for Long Period of Time

Keeping headphones on for a long period of time makes sweat and dirt soak into the earpads. Despite cleaning the sweat immediately after use, it gets absorbed after such a long time.

Eventually, the leather will start to peel away from the surface. Also, you will smell bad, and nobody feels comfortable wearing stinky headphones.

To avoid health problems, the NHS recommends wearing headphones for an hour at a time.
Also, it keeps your headphones’ earpads from cracking.

Replacement of Headphone Earpads

How to prevent headphone pads from cracking? The ear pads of your headphones will eventually start to wear out over time, depending on the quality of the leather.

How To Keep Headphone Pads From Cracking
How To Keep Headphone Pads From Cracking

Cheap leather will wear out sooner than you expect.

However, expensive leather will last longer but not indefinitely. They will eventually have to be replaced.

Prevent Headphones from Moisture

Cover your cushion for your headphones with a moisture-proof covering.

If you wear your headphones while exercising or jogging, it will protect the fabric of the ear pads from sweat.

It will also prevent dirt from accumulating on the pads. This will prevent the leather from cracking or peeling.

If you are working out and going to gym frequently you should check out these best over ear headphones for working out.

Next up, we have a ridiculous point. I am convinced that you do this all the time without realizing that it contributes to your cracked earpads.

Don’t Throw Your Headphones

It is common for people to throw headphones everywhere they go. Throwing away your headphones will damage them. Sure, sometimes you can be lucky, but at any moment bad things can happen.

Use your headphones carefully. Putting them carefully is not a big deal.

As of now, you know how to prevent headphones pads from cracking.

But what if your headphones pads are already cracked? Can we fix them?
Yes, sure we can. We can also fix your ear pads.

Having cracked earpads is no fun, so here are some tips on how to fix them.

How to fix Cracked Headphone Pads and Prevent Headphone Pads from Cracking?

If your ear pads crack and you don’t want to buy a new pair, you can fix them yourself.
For help repairing your headphones pads, please refer to the following instructions.

Removal of Leather Coat

If the leather layer begins to peel, but the foam remains intact, remove the layer. The soft headphone sponge will still provide a comfortable experience.

This seems to be the simplest method to get rid of the crack.

I have done the same thing when my ear pads started peeling.

Attachment of Fabric

You must first choose an appropriate fabric. Cover the headphones with the fabric. Start stitching with a needle and thread over the ear pads.

The next trick is for those who find this difficult to do.

Using of Sock

You can cut off the toe end of a sock. Wrap one side around the headphone pads, and then roll the other side over the cushion.

It will add additional padding. These are all temporary fixes.

The best solution is to replace the earpads. You can find some Headphone earpads prices here.

Replacement of Earpads

You can often find extra cushions with headphones. You can replace them with new ones.
Alternatively, you can purchase a new pair of headphones if your current pair does not have an extra cushion.

You can purchase headphone sponges from various nearby tech stores or online retailers.


I did everything I could to explain how to keep headphone pads from cracking in this article.
The reasons why earpads crack and how to avoid them peeling are explained here.

I also discussed how to fix cracked earpads. I hope this write-up will help you get the most life out of your headphones.

If you are some one who frequently go for a jog or running these set of selected earbuds will help you.

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