Earfun Free 2 Review: All Details

Earfun Free 2 Review

Today my review will be about “Earfun Free 2 “. Earfun is becoming one of my favorite earbuds brand because every earbuds that I have tested looks feel sounds and performs really nicely.

Earfun Free 2 Review
Earfun Free 2 Review: All details

Here we are taking a look at Earfun Free 2 improvement of the original Earfun free and I think Earfun puts in every single technology you might want into these earbuds so will they be any good? Let us get in to the review of Earfun Free 2.

Design of Earfun Free 2

Earfun free 2 is a total redesign of the award winning Earfun free which was very highly acclaimed and even got what high fives best earbuds of 2023 by most tech reviewers. So we have quite a bit of expectation to live up to here with the free 2 the design of the Earfun free 2 is really nice.

Earfun Free 2
Earfun Free 2: All details

I like how the case is a little bit contoured and slightly bulging in the middle section.
The top of the lid is designed with a slight concave top and the Earfun branding nicely etched into the case.

The entire case is made of this matte black super smooth and high quality shell. Which I think should resist scratches quite well at the back you get a button to check the battery percentage of the case and a type c charging port to charge up the earbuds.

Once you plug it in the led at the front will light up to indicate that it’s charging so the led will also tell you the battery percentage of the case.

And starts at green for anything above 30, orange if it is at 30 % rate, when it is about 10 percent and flashing rate if it is less than 5.

The lid is a friction lid that opens very smoothly. It holds itself very nicely in place so it doesn’t fall down. These earbuds itself like the original free is designed in a straightforward fashion. Still, it is on the larger side of the spectrum.

Although the earbuds don’t look very fancy they actually sit very nicely inside my ears at the front you get a touch sensor with the Earfun branding there and below that you get a nice led indicator that goes away once you connect to your device.

And behind that you also get a simple contoured shape with some charging pins and a standard in-ear style ear tips and you also get a metal tip for the front of the ear tips which is really nice.

Features of Earfun Free 2

Feature wise you are not short at all with these earbuds at the same price as the sonic you will be getting the same Qualcomm 3040 chipset with Bluetooth 5.2, Apt-x, AAC and SBC audio codec.
The earbuds also comes with a crazy good ipx7 water resistant which is one the maximum water resistant protection.

These earphones uses a stretch shield technology that seals the circuitry of the earbuds to ensure that the water and sweat is kept away from all the vital organs of the earbuds.

These earbuds also come with Qualcomm’s true wireless mirroring technology. Hence, it supports independent playback and also gives you ultra seamless experience when swapping the earbuds in and out of the case. Lastly there is no multi-point connectivity on these earbuds.

Battery Quality of Earfun Free 2

You will be getting pretty decent battery life for the Earfun free 2 since it is running the latest Qualcomm chipset and is rated at 7 hours of playback time. The case charges the earbuds up another three times and gives you additional 23 hours of juice.

 Earfun Free 2
Earfun Free 2: All details

These earbuds also supports fast charging so 10 minutes of charging gives you two hours of playback time which is super impressive.

And the earbuds will take about one and a half hours to charge up from zero and the case takes two hours. If you decide to use the wireless charging capabilities it will take about three and a half hours to fully charge.

Sound Quality of Earfun Free 2

Sound quality on the free 2 is undoubtedly good, definitely employing all the technology and audio performance that you can squeeze out from a tiny earbuds.

I personally feel that these earbuds focuses on two things the lows and the vocals when using the earbuds for most songs you can hear that the lows are accurately projected giving you an intense thumping feeling.

Overall the second thing that these earbuds focus on is vocals and you can hear how the vocals pop and are very forward.

One thing I noticed that the highs and trebles on these earbuds is not as clear you hear that it is there it is still good but it is not the brightest treble out there.

Some songs do feel a little bit muddy but not terrible all in all these kind of sound a little bit warm and tuned towards the warmer spectrum. If that is your thing I think these earbuds will definitely suit your liking.


Earfun also nails it with controls and offers you all the controls you need for an earbuds.
To play a pause media pick up phone calls double tap on either side of the earbuds and it will play or pause your media.

To increase your volume tap once on the right earbuds and to decrease your volume press once on the left earbuds.

To skip tracks forwards tap three times on your right earbuds and to skate backwards tap three times on the left earbuds.

To call your assistant tap and hold for 2 seconds on the right earbuds and it will pause your media and pull out your assistant.

And lastly to toggle between normal mode and gaming mode tap and hold 2 seconds on the left earbuds and you will hear it toggle between the different modes so from a controls perspective the earfun free 2 is definitely a winner.


In terms of latency the Earfun Free 2 performs expectedly well for a Bluetooth 5.2 earbuds.
With gaming mode I noticed that when gaming mode is turned off you will notice a slight delay and when you enable them they get a lot better. It is still not as lag free as wired earbuds but for a wireless one it is pretty good anyways.

Final Thoughts

I am continue to be impressed by Earfun with their performance here and I am happy to say earbuds that I have checked out from Earfun are all very well developed earbuds.

Definitely check them out when you can. If you want to check out more similar priced competitor check Soundpeats Sonic and FIIL T1 Lite .

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