Earfun Free Pro 2 Review in 2023

Earfun Free Pro 2 Review in 2023

Today e review will be about “Earfun Free Pro 2“. As we know Earbuds comes in many shapes and sizes but when an earbud is small compact and comes with a big personality and I think that is the best type of combination.

Earfun Free Pro 2 Review in 2023
Earfun Free Pro 2 Review in 2023

Lately ANC earbuds are getting really main stream and every other earbuds brand out there we test here is an ANC earbud.

EarFun knows how to make a high-quality product without asking too much money for it.

So ,previous EarFun Free Pro model was already a banger for the price, and the Free Pro 2 continues the tradition.

As new version brings a few cosmetic changes. The latter involves making TWS earbuds look sleeker and shrinking the size of the case.

Unfortunately, that negatively impacts the overall battery life, with earbuds lasting more than two hours less than the original Free Pro’s.

Earfun Free Pro 2 is now slightly more expensive compared to the original Free Pro.

Design of Earfun Free Pro 2

Design wise when we took the Earbuds out of the case I thought they looked kind of basic losing that glossy charm of the original Free Pro.

But styling aside the overall shape still stays true to the original where you get this box slightly rounded shape which is very small and should fit in most ears.

Earfun Free Pro 2 Review in 2023
Earfun Free Pro 2 Review in 2023

Case here at first touch feels kind of plastic however Earfun says that this is Aluminium alloy.
It is probably a different type of alloy that I’m not used to but they do feel very light and very easy to pocket. Earfun logo which is really nice and at the front here you’re going to get an LED.

Just one tiny led in front which lights up when you plug in the Type C charging port at the back.

If the LED lights up white and it doesn’t blink meaning that you have more than 30% battery life and if it starts to blink three times it just dropped below 30% battery.

If it only blink one time means that it has less than 10% and if there is no LED indication at all means that it is time to charge up the battery. I still think three or four LED’s would be the best way to tell battery life.

Lid that we have here is also really unique and when you open them it doesn’t feel like there is anything holding it up very smooth holding.

When you do open them they have this very subtle friction that you can see it holds itself in any angle which is super cool.

Overall you can see that the Earfun Free Pro 2 is very simple not much of design going on and for me to get the best ANC seal I have changed to the medium ear tips.

I don’t normally use large ear tips and it does put some pressure to my right side ear and do remember that all ear canals even your left and right sometimes don’t come in the same size.
So you do have to experiment to get the best fit.

Overall design is very modern very simple although i started out thinking that this is very basic but overall it still looks pretty modern.

In the front you’re going to get that Earfun logo printed on the touch sensor surface and you are gonna get a wingtip here as well to hold the earbuds in your ear.

That is pretty much it you are not gonna get any in-ear sensor nothing much and at the back here you are gonna get charging pins.

That is pretty much it oh and you are also to get an LED indicator at the top here which goes away when the earbuds connect to your phone so that is cool. But it doesn’t indicate the battery level of the earbuds.

Features in Earfun Free Pro 2

EarFun is always generous with features, giving you ANC, ambient sound mode, Qi wireless charging, Bluetooth 5.2, and touch controls. Sadly, there is no app or EQ presets.

You genuinely do get a lot with EarFun Free Pro true wireless earbuds. While cheaper earbuds might offer similar features, they don’t work nearly as well.

Earfun Free Pro 2 Review in 2023
Earfun Free Pro 2 Review in 2023

Active noise cancellation can rival the best in class, with the ambient sound mode doing its job more than satisfactory for everyday use.

Touch controls are nicely responsive and have a good resistance from accidental touches. You don’t enable ANC by accident when you simply want to readjust the earbud like before.

Controls are fixed, and there’s no app to customize them. Fortunately, they cover a broad spectrum of commands, so you don’t have to reach for your smartphone constantly.

You can toggle between ANC modes, call voice assistant, enable Gaming mode, and use the volume control. Since earbuds lack app support, EarFun could at least ensure a couple of EQ presets so that users could find their favorite.

Battery Quality of Earfun Free Pro 2

Battery life of the new Free Pro 2 sees a drop compared to the original Free Pro where you are going to get five hours with the earbuds and 20 additional hours with the case with ANC on.

If you turn off ANC you are going to get 6 hours and 24 additional hours with the case also these numbers are tested with medium volume.

Remember the louder you listen to the lesser the battery life. The case also comes with wireless charging so you can conveniently charge it up if you have a Qi wireless charger.

But it takes three and a half hours to complete the charge and yo are also going to get quick charging here same as the original Free Pro.

10 minutes of charging will give you two hours of playback time so specifications wise you are not going to get too different a specification compared to the already well spec free pro.

You get an iroha Bluetooth 5.2 chipset which gets AAC and SBC audio codec nothing too fancy.
But we’re hoping to see even higher specs or even better codecs probably in 2023.

Controls in Earfun Free Pro 2

Controls here are also very complete and you are going to get volume controls but you miss out the track skip backwards feature here.

To increase the volume, tap once on your right earbuds and it will slowly increase your volume and tap once on the left earbuds and it will slowly decrease your volume.

To play or pause media pick a phone call tap twice on either side of the earbuds and it will play or pause your media.

To skip tracks forward tap three times on the right earbuds and similar to other Earfun earbuds you are gonna miss out on the skip backwards feature.

You can just keep skipping forward in this case.

To activate gaming mode tap three times on the left earbud. one two three and you will hear that you have entered gaming mode.

To toggle between the ANC, ambient mode and normal mode tap and hold on the left earbuds and you will hear it toggle between the different modes.

Finally tap and hold on the right earbuds to activate your assistant tap and hold and it will pause your media and pull out your assistant. That’s basically all of the controls you are going to get with the Earfun Free Pro 2.

Earfun Free Pro 2 Sound Quality

Sound signature of the original Free Pro was something to praise and the Free pro 2 continues that tradition and uses almost the same tuning as the free pro.

Based on the new earbuds is still strong but I think it is slightly toned down just a tad bit from the original.

You can feel that a little bit and it still has that nice thumb and that nice kick just not so much in your face type of bass.

Personally, I am not a bass head and I like details and fullness in my songs so anything that strikes that balance for me is very nice.

Mids are also clear and forward with not much distortion at the high notes, female vocals sound nice and bright without feeling muffled or warm.

So, going to some deep male vocals you can hear that the lows hold pretty okay but not as vibrant as high female vocals.

Overall, they sound really good especially music with vocal emphasis.

Highs here are also great I would like it to sparkle just a tad bit more a really tiny bit more but from general day-to-day use these are still really great earbuds.

Very high quality sounding but they are not in-ear monitor levels type of sound quality and not something that you use to pick out details in your music.

ANC in Earfun Free Pro 2

Earfun has always been very conservative with their ANC numbers and the original free pro was pretty decent nothing too crazy.

However the new Free Pro 2 sees a slight improvement over the original and has actually the same performance as the Air Pro 2 that we have recently looked at.

Both of the Earfun Free Pro 2 as well as the Air Pro 2 runs the quiet smart 2.0 with additional wind noise algorithm which is exactly where the free pro 2 is better when compared to the original.

You no longer get that wind buffering noise even in high wind situations and testing it with a fan directly blowing at it.

It actually performs really well road noise is still audible but slightly reduced and with music playing it does help with drowning them out.

This is also very similar to airplane cabin noise where you get a unique hum still coming through but it doesn’t quite cut out everything.

Then again with music playing everything fades away. Cutting high-pitched chatters was okay but I think the algorithm can still be improved since we can still make out what others are saying if you don’t have any media playing.

Ambient mode here gives you a very subtle amplification for your environment you don’t get that superhuman experience here.

If you have media playing loudly you are probably not gonna hear a surrounding so you might as well just take it out from your ears. Overall I’m giving the same rating for the Eafun Free Pro 2 as the Air Pro 2 as they are very much similar.

Latency in Earfun Free Pro 2

Game mode on the Free Pro 2 is pretty good and without it you’re gonna get about 200 ms plus/minus of latency.

But with gaming mode turned on it will drop to somewhere around less than 80 ms still pretty good for casual gaming. Day to day use for movies and videos just nothing competitive.

Final Thoughts

This is a great pair of earbuds for the price right now. Launching price may look high on the first note but as far as the current discount looks this Earfun Free Pro 2 should be on your list.

Tiny but still mighty in the sounding and features.

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