Galaxy Buds Pro Review in 2023 : Legacy Justified?

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro
Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro
Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro reintroduces rubber tips to the Galaxy Buds line and, wouldn’t you know it, have much better isolation because of it. These are premium true wireless earbuds for slightly less than much of the competition.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro
Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

You can’t find the Galaxy Buds Pro on Samsung’s website, and instead must choose between its Galaxy Buds 2 series or the Galaxy Buds Live.

Design of Galaxy Buds Pro

Lift the box and see what is inside real quick, and there we go, okay, so we have the Galaxy Buds Pro right here in this case, and in this one, we have a bunch of accessories.

Inside the box, we have a small USB cable a USB Type-C cable to charge the butts wired if you want, but also, they are capable of being charged wirelessly through the case.

Now there is another tiny box inside here, and we have a bunch of ear tips for your Samsung galaxy buds pro.

You want to make sure you pick the right size ear tip to get the best seal for these bots pro because they have the active noise cancellation feature that works quite well.

Galaxy Buds Pro
Galaxy Buds Pro

You can also charge it on a regular wireless charger, or you can charge it on the back of a compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Now the case itself does not look much different than a Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro live.

The only thing is this will be shiny that is going to be matte, but the overall shape is the same as the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro live.

The buds’ shape is quite different from the Samsung galaxy buds live and the Samsung galaxy buds and Samsung galaxy buds plus, so it’s going to be a brand new shape.

The Galaxy buds pro is a bit more round, a bit bulkier, but not in a battle. We found that the ergonomics and shape of the buds themselves fit incredibly well in my ear.

I could wear them for about two hours just around the house, listening to music doing house chores. I had no earaches or pain. Honestly, they’re comfortable.

It is pretty nice easily fits into a pants pocket or a jacket pocket, and the magnets in there that are holding the buds in themselves are pretty darn strong.

I have been able to kind of rattle those up and down pretty hard, and the buds don’t fall out.

They are in their pretty comfortable, so for those of you who are concerned about opening this in public and then just falling out, it is going to take a lot of well-concerted effort for that to happen.

Features of Galaxy Buds Pro

The Galaxy Buds Pro are IPX7 rated, which means you are safe up to 3ft of water now the buds pro sport a five-hour battery life that’s extended to 18 hours when you include the battery charging that the casing offers.

App and Connectivity of Galaxy Buds Pro

Now pairing your buds pro to your Samsung device is just as easy as it was in the past, just as easy on the buds plus the buzz live you crack open the case, and your phone’s going to detect that there are buds pros there you follow the prompts it leads you into the application, and you’re good to go

In terms of the application everything, there is laid out in a very clean format. Nothing there is too confusing.

There are a couple of things here that I am a big fan of. There are a few things in the application that you can customize in tweaks, such as the touch functions right out of the box single press is going to pause or play your music, a double-tap is going to skip to the next track.

A triple tap is going to go to your previous song, and when you hold down the button, this is where you get into a little bit of fun and customizability holding it down you can activate your assistant you can lower or increase the volume or you can have a cycle through your noise cancellation or ambient modes, and you can customize both ears so say.

On the left-hand side, when you hold it, you want to cycle through your modes for the noise cancellation or ambient mode, or just off, you can do that and say in the right ear you want to activate your system.

You have a gaming mode that will lower your latency while you are watching something or playing a game.

You can also block the touch functions on your earbuds, so if you are doing something with your hands, and you are afraid to pause a song skip a song while you are doing something you can block the touches completely and you don’t have to worry about that.

You can also have the bud read your notifications aloud, which is pretty handy to read your text your calls. If you have an alarm coming up or something in your calendar, it will read them to you.

You can also hook up the buds pro to Bixby and a seamless pairing between different devices.

Sound Quality of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

The sound quality of these things are really impressive; of course, in the application, you have the built-in, you have your normal your bass boost your soft dynamic your clear your treble boost the soft is going to help bring down some of those highs.

The dynamic is going to give you a much larger range. The bass boost is awesome, and the bass in these is good. I was impressed by that in the bass boost, and you get that tight seal, and your ears are just thumping. It is nice clear, and good.

If you are looking to get those nice clean vocals, dynamic on this has been impressive. The highs can get out of these earbuds are great, and especially when listening to say like a lead singer hit their high note, these things don’t struggle.

The quality of these is good. I threw a pretty large range of different genres at the earbuds, some classical, some jazz, some hip-hop, and it performed well in every single genre.

Thumbs up for the sound now. Something that is impressed me a ton is the voice detect feature, which works in your noise cancellation mode and your ambient sound mode.

The way this works is that you are going about your day listening to your music. When the buds detect that someone is speaking to you, it is going to lower the volume of your music so that way you can have a more engaged conversation with that person now.

ANC in Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

The noise cancellation these are pretty darn good. I was pretty impressed. These got a really good seal, and the noise cancellation is impressive in these.

I don’t know if I could say that they are like the absolute best on the market, but they are pretty darn good when it comes to your noise cancellation.

You can toggle that on high or low, and now this is not going to block out your dog barking or if you are walking down the street a car that is blow, its horn at you or anything like that but really for those lower sounds like the fans in your bathroom or kitchen the buzz of your refrigerator or freezer.

Now the ambient mode impressed me a ton. There are different levels here that you can customize from low to high, and this is something that I underestimated.

I had a set too high, and at first, I thought it was cool. I can hear a little bit more of the white noise, some of the little creaks on the floor around me.

When it comes to how loud these are and the sound quality, undoubtedly they are louder than the buds plus, and I feel like these get just to the maximum peak the threshold of what I would consider too loud.

But if something loud is happening around me, I can crank it up that extra 20% with the tight seal noise cancellation. Honestly, it is sufficient for what I have needed it for thus far.

Battery time of Galaxy Buds Pro

Galaxy Buds Pro case also comes with color indicators that let you know how much batteries left in the case itself.

If you see green, you know that you have at least 60 battery life that’s between 60 and 100%.

Yellow means that you have anywhere between 30 and 59 battery. If you see red, that means you are beneath 30, and if it is flashing red at you, that means, hey, charge me we are less than 10% and about to run out of juice.

Battery life depends on exactly how you use these buds, but here are the exact numbers here’s what to expect: you get five hours of battery life with each bud.

If the case is fully charged, you get an additional 18 hours of battery.

One more thing to keep in mind is if you enable features like active noise cancellation or ambient sound will reduce the battery life by potentially a few hours. So the more features you use, the less battery life but still easily over 16 to 17 hours of battery life in total.


These are ANC oriented earbuds from the named brand, and people who are concerned about the brands and fear about the unknown brands can check these out.

For under $200, these provide all the good things and does a pretty good job with all the area. These will fulfill your needs for sure and will not let you down.

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