Tozo Golden X1 Review: Are they Still Worth Exposure in 2023?

Tozo Golden X1 Review

Tozo Golden X1 are the latest wireless earbuds we did a thorough test on. With an ideal track record on Amazon, these earbuds promise Hi-Res audio with LDAC support, active noise cancelation and up to 30 hours of total battery life with their charging case.

Tozo Golden X1 Review
Tozo Golden X1 Review

Do these buds live up to their lofty claims and are they good enough to compete with the rest of the wireless earbuds in the $150 range? So let’s start our review.

Design of Tozo Golden X1

Tozo Golden X1 earbuds are unique, let us talk about the case and the buds themselves. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on these details.

It might seem like a typical, run-of-the-mill case with a USB-C input on the back. But wait, there is more. The front of the case boasts a notification bar that is so damn cool.

Tozo Golden X1 Review
Tozo Golden X1 Review

And when you pop open the lid, you will be greeted with a digital readout that displays the actual percentage of battery life left on the case and earbuds.

No more guessing games, my friends. Now, let us move on to the earbuds themselves. They have a design that sets them apart from other earbuds but not all.

They look like typical earbuds, but with a slight stem. I recommend this is to house some extra components, and maybe even push the microphone a little closer to your mouth. But wait, there is more.

Tozo Golden X1 use a hybrid Dynamic driver system that includes a 12mm Dynamic driver, a balanced armature driver, a moving coil, and a moving iron. That’s a lot of fancy technology in one little earbud.

And what is all that technology for? Well, it is all for the sound quality, of course! I’ll talk more about that later, but for now, just know that Tozo is not messing around when it comes to delivering a top-notch audio experience.

Now, if you will give me out, let me share a personal experience. I recently took these earbuds for a spin during my daily commute, and I have to say, I was impressed. The sound quality was superb, and I could really hear every instrument and vocal in my favorite songs.

Also, the noise isolation was fantastic, which was a huge plus since my train can get pretty noisy. And the best part? I didn’t have to worry about the battery dying on me mid-commute, thanks to the handy battery life readout on the case.

All in all, a solid choice for anyone in the market for new earbuds.

Features of Tozo Golden X1

Tozo Golden X1 earbuds are IPX6 rated, which means they’re more protected against rain, sweat, and splashes than your standard IPX4 rating that some other noise-canceling earbuds have.

That is right, you can sweat it out at the gym or dance in the rain without worrying about damaging your earbuds.

But hold on, folks, don’t go dunking these babies into the pool just yet. They are not waterproof, so keep them away from the water.

Tozo Golden X1 Review
Tozo Golden X1 Review

Now, let us talk about the fit. These earbuds come with six sets of silicone ear tips, which is essential for getting the best sound quality and noise-canceling experience. Trust me, finding the right ear tip size can make all the difference when it comes to earbuds.

And speaking of charging, the Tozo Golden X1 case comes with a USB-C cable, but that is not all. This case is also a Qi wireless charging case, which means you can just drop it onto any wireless charger. No more fussing around with cables.

And let us not forget about the Bluetooth 5.3 and multi-point connection. With multi-point connection, you can connect to more than one device at a time, which makes it a breeze to switch from one device to another.

Tozo Golden X1 Review
Tozo Golden X1 Review

Imagine you are watching a movie on your tablet and someone calls you. No need to fumble around with settings or disconnecting from one device to connect to another. These earbuds have got you covered.

Battery Quality of Tozo Golden X1

we need to talk about the elephant in the room…or should I say, the lack of elephant in the battery department of these Tozo Golden X1 earbuds.

Even though Tozo Golden X1 earbuds look a bit beefier than your average ones, don’t be fooled, the extra space is not for a bigger battery, it is for other components.

Now, if you are someone who likes to use noise canceling or transparency mode, you are going to need to keep an eye on your battery life.

Tozo Golden X1 Review
Tozo Golden X1 Review

With noise canceling off, you will get about 8 hours on the earbuds and 30 hours using the case, which is decent. However, with noise canceling on, you are looking at 6 hours on the earbuds and 24 hours using the case.

So, you may want to consider your usage before taking the jump. Unfortunately, there is no information on fast charging, which is a bit of a bummer considering all the other fancy features these earbuds have.

Sound Quality of Tozo Golden X1

Moving over to some of the things that makes these stand out a little bit more it is a high-res audio wireless certified earbud. It does support LDAC which we are starting to see in a lot more Brands.

But it also supports what they are calling origx from 12 Hertz all the way up to 44.1 khz. This is very impressive the frequency range that these are able to pick up now.

This pair does work with Tozo’s app and again like other budget earbuds I was not expecting much out of the app but from a design standpoint it actually has a nice polished look to it.

It doesn’t give you any you know any special over the top features but you do get control over different levels of noise canceling you can switch it into your transparency mode.

There is 16 different EQ settings there is a bunch that you can do there plus you can go in and just kind of customize the EQ settings the way that you want.

But this also allows you to keep your earbuds updated which I do think is important in a pair like this. If they can address something that may be an issue later and then it also allows you to kind of switch around your controls.

But luckily the earbuds do use touch controls and they do give you control over everything.

Seeing high-res audio wireless on the box and LDAC and origx high quality sound I definitely expected a lot out of these especially considering other people have pointed these out specifically because of their sound and I was actually very impressed.

But confused because out of the box these were actually overly bright which is not something that you see in a lot of earbuds.

This is something I have seen in like the status between Pros which I think is a pair of earbuds that has some of the best treble I have heard.

This pair kind of matches up with those when it comes to the treble same thing with the mids you are hearing so much detail in vocals.

You are hearing a lot of detail when it comes to symbols crashing anything that has like that higher pitch tone.

Where it lacks out of the box though is bass. I think that is what is going to initially turn a lot of people off from these but luckily I went in and I adjusted some things in the EQ settings and I really got these to sound pretty incredible.

I do want to point out too though if you have the noise canceling on it immediately boosts the bass in a way that I think at times can be a little too much it can kind of muddy up the sound.

With noise canceling on I had to dial the bass down a little bit but with the noise canceling off I had to boost the bass to get it to sound how I wanted it to.

So this is definitely one of those pairs that you are gonna have to go in and just mess around with EQ settings to get it to sound the way that you want.

When it comes to the Sound Stage and the sound Imaging again this is kind of a tale of two different stories if you have the ANC on it is because it boosts the bass the way that it does it definitely closes in the sound.

But with the noise canceling off this is a very extremely open sounding earbud I mean it is very easy to tell where sounds are coming from so I found myself using these most of the time with the noise canceling off unless I really just needed to block out what was going on.

I preferred the sound on Tozo Golden X1 with the noise canceling off, this is going to come down to personal preference because some people may want that overly boomy bass heavy sound and they don’t mind sacrificing some of the treble or at least going into the app and having to boost the treble to try to balance it out a little bit.

ANC of Tozo Golden X1

Speaking of those different levels of noise canceling I was actually impressed by the noise canceling on Tozo Golden X1 earbuds. Now I had it switched around to the different levels of noise canceling.

They even have a wind reduction mode so if you are outdoors you can kind of block that out as well.
I found that on top of blocking out engine noises and AC units and things like that it actually did a pretty decent job of blocking out people talking.

It also has what they call a Leisure mode you can go in and kind of take the slider in the noise canceling to have it adjust to how much you want to block out so there are a lot of different things you can do with the noise canceling.

Do know that the noise canceling is above most average earbuds and the transparency mode on these actually is very good as well.

In fact it might be too good at times because if you don’t really have anything playing you can definitely hear like the white noise and a lot of different things that those mics are picking up.

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They are stepping up their game and diving headfirst into the deep end with their new earbuds priced at a whopping $150. But let me tell you, it is not just smoke and mirrors. These babies are packing some serious heat.

With multiple drivers, moving coils, and iron, these earbuds will have your ears singing with joy. And the noise canceling? Oh boy, don’t even get me started.

It is like a cone of silence descended upon you, blocking out the world around you. And they have even got a wind reduction mode to keep those pesky gusts at bay.

But the only complaint i have is the Battery life and microphone quality. Now, I know what you are thinkin about? Why should I shell out $150 for a brand I’ve never heard of?

Well, that is where you are wrong. You are getting all the bells and whistles you could expect from the big boys like Sony and Bose but at half the price.

And let us not forget about the Qi wireless charging and multi-point connection, which is a rare treat in this price range.

So, if you are feeling daring and want to spice up your life with some new ear candy, give Tozo Golden X1 earbuds a shot. And with Amazon’s killer return policy, you’ve got nothing to lose but your old, boring earbuds.

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